Useful Links


A great resource for information regarding intimacy and relationships can be found by clicking the MS logo above, this will take you to the MS Society web site which has a PDF document on Sex, Intimacy and Relationships. This very informative read will help people of all backgrounds, answering questions, and informing on most problems associated to disability and sex.

Formed in 2005 by Outsiders Trust to bring together professionals who work with disabled people, and who may be struggling, to support them in their sexual expression.

Outsiders offers support and expertise on disability, relationships and sexuallity.

Fibroguys are raising awareness of the syndrome (Fibromyalgia), and providing information to help men with diagnosis. As they say Real Men Get Fibromyalgia, men and children make up 10-20% of sufferers, most men just think they have been overdoing it rather than having this syndrome, so suffer for ages before getting diagnosed.