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The Team

Managing Director

Lorraine Stanley
Special Responsibility for
Training Delivery, Networking, Advocacy, Activist.


Lorraine’s professional background includes; Training and Development within the NHS and Local Government; Certificate in Training practice awarded by CIPD. She also ran a successful Diet and Fitness franchise before M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy) forced her to stop trading.   


The combination of her wide range of training skills (facilitation, 1-2-1 counselling, assertiveness, guided imagery for therapeutic change, diet and fitness qualifications) and her personal experience of disability (ME), fibromyalgia, clinical depression; and a sandwich carer, places her in a unique position to venture into what are relatively uncharted waters.

Lorraine was assessed and diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome herself in 2015.


As a naturist Lorraine appeared on ITV in Trinny and Susannah’s Great British Body in 2008 to promote body confidence for both disabled people and “Big Beautiful Women” (BBW). Lorraine is happy to challenge discrimination in its many forms, including hate crimes against disabled people and those who identify themselves as lesbian gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT). From BDSM to "swinging" and beyond, Lorraine is happy to talk about all aspects of sex but reserves the right to blush! 


Michael Ballard
Special Responsibility for
IT, Product Development, Engineering, Carers Champion.

Over 25 years experience in a caring role to a wheelchair user. Mike also has many years experience with young adults on the autistic spectrum, support for people that may suffer from anaphylactic shock (including use of Epipens) and epilepsy.

His lived experience as a partner carer of shifting between the role from a carer, to a partner. When are you supposed to be Intimate? 
How do you differentiate between washing your naked partners body, and caressing it intimately? And if you find being intimate physically difficult, how do you overcome this problem?

He feels that there is a significant lack of training for health professionals in the support and training required by carers.
Mike is also highly aware of the lack of information and support both for the carer and the "cared for". 

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, IT Hardware, and Customer Service, he has many skills to contribute to the design and developement of sex aids for disabled use.

Mike has endless patience in handling what some would see as difficult situations. Any topic can be discussed without fear of causing alarm and discomfort, in the same way decorators say 'No job too big, or too small' Mike and SWAD believe there is no question too silly or too rude. If a question is thought of, it deserves asking. And if we do not know the answer we will endeavour to find out who does.

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